MPI offers a wide variety of HVAC products. Our standard metal is 24g Galvalume.  Galvalume is a steel sheet with a 50% zinc and aluminum coating to prevent rust in the harshest weather conditions.  We also provide our products in other metals such as;

  • Aluminum (mill or Kynar Painted Finish) .032-.060

  • Stainless Steel 22g-24g

  • G-90 Galvanized 16g-26g

  • Copper 16oz-20oz

  • Kynar Painted Steel 20g-26g

Rectangular Duct

We make these in Various metals, color, and Sizes.  Contact us with your project needs.  If your project requires lined duct we provide Knauf Atmosphere Insulation.    (We can also provide outside liner)

Accessories Offered:

  • Transitions

  • Tap and Shoe

  • End Caps

  • Elbows with or without Turning Vanes

  • S Drive & Drive Cleat

Drain Pans 

Offered in various sizes with or without release valve.  We offer 2" or 3" sides with folded corners to prevent leaks.


Offered with or without screens, dampers, and sleeves.  Vents can be made with painted Kynar finish, mill finish, copper, and stainless steel.


Offered in various sizes and metals with snap on cap so installers will not have to put screws to attach lid. Sold with or without liner.

We also offer plenums disassembled to make very easy transport.

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